Monday, July 27, 2009

¡Manténganse Alerta! (Marcos 13:37)

Asamblea de Distrito de los testigos de Jehová 2009

We had our District Convention this past weekend. It was just what we... I needed! It was a good battery recharger. We had excellent talks, new publications, an emotional drama and new surprises. I won't say what surprises for those that haven't had their convention. The contrary happened to me. Someone told me one of the biggest and most exciting new gifts from Jehovah and it kinda ruined the surprise. I wanted to be astounded. I wanted a blissfull moment. But it was still huge. Then the series of symposiums on Saturday entitled Watch Out For Satan's Traps and Keep Your Eyes on the Things Unseen were very informative and captivating. The baptism talk was awesome! We had 39 total. 17 brothers and 22 sisters. 39 total. 2 of those brothers are from Sonora! So that brings the amount of publishers to 47! We're almost to 50! Wow. We have good brothers working hard. We also received 2 more pioneers from a nearby city, a married couple. And by next weekend, we should be recieving an MTS grad, all the way from Illinois! So, it's been exciting. Well, I would post pitures, except that my camera has discontinued functioning. It really bummed me out. :( But oh well.

I hope all that has gone to the convention enjoyed it as much as I did. And those that haven't attended, take good notes, and take in as much as you can. Why? So that you, and I and everyone can apply the counsel. Because we all know that Jehovah's precious truths makes one truly happy. But only if we apply them. There are those who leave the truth, but why? They get the same information as everyone else, including ciruit and district overseers. One reason may be that they don't apply what they hear and learn.

And especially this theme we have "Keep on the Watch!", its more of a reason to apply more what we learn. We will be happy, truly happy, if we do.

Psalm 128:1 "Happy is everyone fearing Jehovah, who is walking in his ways." (Proverbs 10:22)