Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time Has Wings

Wow! How time flies! I can't believe that on January 24 will be the 5th anniversary since I was in Florida. So much has happened.

A few days ago, I spoke to my friends, my sisters, from Deltona, FL. I spoke to Lori. When I was there, I stayed at her aunt and uncle's house next door to her and she became the little sister I never had. She was 10 when I was there. Now she'll be around 15! Her sister was 13 and now 18. The brothers I stayed with now have 2 kids that weren't around when I was there. I miss them so much. I still remember when I first got there that night. I remember as if it were yesterday... [cue harp]

The brother who picked me up from the airport took me to the Daytona Beach Assembly Hall where the family I was going to stay with was going to pick me up. I had no idea who they were. As I walked in, I met my extended family. The only thing I regret is not regularly keeping in touch. But I do know that they are doing well and still serving Jehovah.

I have been thinking about visiting them for a long time now. But since a suitable and stable employment has been an issue, it hasn't been possible. But since I recently got a job that will more-than-likely be the one that will work with my schedule, I can now plan a much needed vacation. And if it be possible, also visit Bethel during the same vacation period! I had already visited about a year ago, but it did not go very well. That's a sad story that should not be brought up. Anyway, hopefully I could go.

As for the immediate future, I am going to my old stomping grounds to spend time with my family. And it turns out that they are having the C.O. and the D.O. visiting their congregation! So I will get to be there tonight and enjoy that special meeting! Then tomorrow, I will be spending the day with a very special friend. :D That, also, makes me very happy. Then I will return for field service on Saturday and have a great meeting on Sunday. We will be having a visiting speaker from San Angelo, a young brother. Then have a wonderful lesson from The Watchtower directed to the young ones.

Truly a wonderful weekend, as all are for Jehovah's people.

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